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Embodied Healing Yoga


My classes are a supportive environment where you can start to learn to observe sensations and emotions that arise, meeting them with acceptance, and over time, widening the window of tolerance.

Sometimes being still with the body is necessary. Sometimes moving with the body is necessary. In my classes, we will explore both, and you are invited to find whichever option your body needs in the moment. These classes hold space for all emotional realities, and I work on guiding students through embodiment practices, bringing awareness into the body. The focus is not on how the pose looks, but on how the pose feels in the body (embodiment!). For this reason, my classes are suitable for students of all levels.

I encourage you to reach out to me if you have any questions or are interested in how trauma-informed yoga could look for you.


To book, you can use the booking functions below, email me at or fill out the form here. 

If you are inquiring about one to one sessions, please email me directly. 

  • 6pm Monday at The Yoga Tree

    1 hr

    From 9 British pounds
  • 4pm Wednesday at The Yoga Tree

    1 hr

    From 9 British pounds
  • 6pm Wednesday at Inner Space

    1 hr

    From 9 British pounds
  • Personalised classes created for you.

    1 hr

    £22-35 sliding scale

It is vital that yoga be accessible to all, so all my classes are all on a sliding scale basis. This means that you can choose the lowest end of the scale, but if you are in a stronger financial place, you can help to support the yoga community. Using this model means that those with more can help to create opportunities for other lower-income yogis to experience healing and community.


If you are unable to pay within the scale, please get in touch and we can discuss other options, as I never want anyone to be turned away due to price. 


"Yoga sessions with Emily have always made me feel incredibly safe. I have struggled in other yoga classes due to the demand on my body and anxiety, but Emily's classes allow me to access yoga in a way that suits my body's needs and in an environment that holds space for grounding myself when I need to. I have never experienced anything like it; I always come away feeling empowered and like I've learnt important things about what my mind and body is capable of."
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