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Reclaim: an exploration of emotion through yoga

In this 8 week yoga series, we will be exploring a different emotion each week, learning about what is happening in our nervous systems, and using breath, movement, and somatic practice to fully experience, sit with, and reclaim each emotion.


We will step into self exploration through reflective prompts and discussion to begin to connect with others, to humanise our experiences, and become more confident and accepting of our own inner reality. 


The emotions we will be exploring are: Compassion, Anxiety, Anger, Shame, Joy, Grief, and Gratitude. 


All emotional experiences welcome, all realities welcome, all bodies welcome. 

What sessions will entail...


The community section allows for space to discuss your experiences in a safe container. Discussion is guided through questions and prompts aimed to create connection and remove shame and stigma. 

Is this up your street?

Contact me for more information or for a copy of the syllabus! 

Dates to be decided once the group is full. 


£30 per 2 hour session 


Pay £200 upfront for a £40 discount 

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Thanks for signing up!

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