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Reclaim: Education

The education section of this course aims to reduce shame and stigma by imparting trauma informed information, helping people to understand what they are experiencing, to know that it is normal, and that there are ways out! 

Education Section Syllabus 

Week 1 - Introduction 

  • What actually is trauma, and what 'counts'?

  • Yoga & Safety

  • The science of yoga 

Week 2 - Exploring Compassion

  • Polyvagal theory & the nervous system 

  • The window of tolerance

  • Emotional Detective work (how to figure out what we are actually feeling) 

Week 3 - Exploring Shame 

  • Emotional regulation 

  • Ways to regulate 

  • Healthy guilt vs Toxic shame 

Week 4 - Exploring Anger 

  • Interoception

  • Attachment theory 

Week 5 - Exploring Joy 

  • Why we can struggle to feel joy

    • Arrival Fallacy 

    • Hypervigilance 

    • Learned Helplessness

  • Improving our relationship to joy 

Week 6 - Exploring Anxiety 

  • Shutdown response 

  • Freeze response 

Week 7 - Exploring Grief 

  • Dissociation 

  • Embodiment

Week 8 - Exploring Gratitude 

  • 'Glimmers'

  • Post Traumatic Growth

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